New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

Start off the new year properly by creating some goals and sticking to them. Where do you begin? How do you take small steps to achieve long-term success? Here are some of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions for this year, how they’ll benefit your life, and how to implement them into your busy schedule. 

Go For a Relaxing Walk

We’re often stuck in our routines and our vehicles on the way to work and forget to take a moment to enjoy the outdoors or simply take a breather. Walking is an excellent way to squeeze in some cardiovascular exercise, take a mental break, and still be productive on the way to your destination. In addition, we often forget that a few quick $10 cab rides can end up amounting to hundreds of dollars if we’re not careful, which is another wonderful reason to consider walking around. 

Sort Out Your Finances

For some, this may mean paying off their credit card debt or student loans, while for others this may mean finally enrolling in automatic bill paying systems or consolidating their bank accounts. If you’ve never sat down and created a budget, now may be the perfect time to see where your money is going. You can also set a goal to put aside a set amount each month in order to watch your savings account or 401K grow.

Order Less, Cook More

Ordering food in or eating out often takes a toll on both your health and your wallet. Instead, opt to stay-in and cook more. Make it a fun project to collect recipes that appeal to your appetite – either from online recipes or cookbooks – and try new ingredients. You can even use this as a chance to finally sign up for that cooking class that you’ve been meaning to take. 

Set Aside Time for Self-Care

Make time for self-care whether that means meditating every day for five minutes, heading to that yoga class down the street at least three times a week, or doing some oil pulling. You may use this as an excuse to finally call your doctor and/or dentist and schedule that check-up you accidentally forgot to get in 2018. Self-care can also mean creating a gratitude list of things you’re grateful for each day or simply determining to call a friend and catch up at least once a week. 

Use Your Vacation Days

Are you one of those people who cut out National Geographic clips to keep in a box underneath your bed where it collects dust? When’s the last time you went on a trip? Where have you always wanted to go? Let 2020 be the year that you finally check off at least one travel destination from your list. Book a trip to a destination that you keep meaning to get to, but always somehow seem to put off. After all, you can’t take your vacation days with you. Bon voyage!

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